If not the end, at least the fixing

I can't tell you how many things are broken in IE. I currently use Firefox, and it's great. A few crummy sites won't render properly in Firefox (because the site does not follow established standards) and I have to use IE to do anything on the site. All of my online banking works in firefox though.

Long live W3C compliant browsers!

Damn Flu

Waking up at 4:30 in the morning throwing up really sucks. One good day of sleeping it off should fix this, right?


Just before College

I got to spend two weeks in Japan, four days in Kyoto, and ten in Shichigahama, which is my old town's sister town. Japan was great. I think I was most impressed by the street braile. I used it for about three blocks walking around in Sendai. Once you get used to it, you can get anywhere.

In Japan, they look at you oddly when you take steps two or three at a time.

Crazy night last winter

I don't remember exactly when, but Boston got to see some of the Northern lights last year. There was this faint deep red tint to the sky, and it wasn't smog or sunset. It was darn cool. I want to go to Alaska and see them there.

Just starting out

I managed to get my Palm to send email to my blog, so I can write on the go without an internet connection, but I haven't done it yet. Now my blog is mostly populated with things I want to do from 43things. (see link below for more on 43 things). I guess that means I have two blogs. Three if you count my home server (which is down right now because PostNuke won't talk to MySQL all of a sudden). AND I'm trying to make tiki-wiki work with my site too, and I'm just not getting it. It's hard to keep motivation sometimes.

Chuck it!

I've never owned a TV (my parents having one doesn't count), and after getting married, I have much more intereting things to do than TV or video games.

Current hobbies:
Photography (esp. spherical panoramic)
Electronics (designing my own stuff)
listening to podcasts while commuting

Why would I want to waste time with a TV?

Moved to Seattle

I took I-90 straight from Boston to Seattle, and WOW, what a trip. Did a couple quick detours (Badlands, Mt. Rushmore, Yellowstone) and skipped a few (Wall Drug) Made it 5 days with everything I own. Tip: if you do this in the summer, avoid the two weeks around Sturgis!

2 years next week

Getting married is a great thing. Knowing that you get to see the same person every day, knowing that life is more stable with two people working, and having someone to help you get up in the morning.

Another great thing about marriage is sharing excitement with your spouse. If I design something cool (even if it only really blinks lights in a fancy way), my wife will be excited and ask me how it works. It's great.

Test post

I am doing 43 things.