Seattle Regional

We had a great time at the Microsoft Seattle Regional. We placed 2nd out of 31, and we made it to the semi-finals. We had quite a few excellent matches, and I was very happy to have my friend Mike Bastoni in town to see it. I'll write more about it later, but I wanted to share this banner made by the database of TheBlueAlliance.net, which looks like a great resource for watching match videos of the events.

Team 1318

No video yet from the seattle event, but they are posting videos from all the events that have webcasts, and are actually only a few matches behind at any given moment. Be sure the check out the events live on webcast where possible. The Boston regional has some very strong teams at the top of the list, and a few matches in Hawaii today made it clear that there were a number of teams that had won previous regionals present.

Worlds are going to be exciting.


Gas Receipts

I had a really bad habit of just keeping the gas receipts in the cupholder in our car. I finally brought them in and started recreating my old calculation spreadsheet. I even collected all the proper data on each receipt. Amazingly, I was only missing 3 receipts over the past year, and only one was damaged.

Google Spreadsheet

Yes, I had an entire year's worth of receipts in the cupholder. It was beginning to be difficult to shove more in.

Now I just need to find my old spreadsheet to recreate the first year or so of data. I think
I am missing all the data in between, though.

I am still averaging 47mpg in my 2005 Prius.