Random mail archive

Basically, I got a piece of spam today, and decided to see how many versions of it google can find. Google Results 1.
The first result looked interesting: Nokia mailing list archive of similar message.
Changing the message number gave an amusing cross section of the kinds of spam that this particular mailing list gets. This is apparently some kind of developers list that seems fairly open, and around the 800th message, they got put on a spam list. Going up a few levels revealed some more archives, which may be amusing for someone to look through. I'd love to see some comments posted about what was found.

See also: http://www-nrc.nokia.com/mail-archive/ext-ip-location/ starting at message 803, the signal to noise ratio goes haywire.


Avacado Sushi

Bought a book for my wife two Christmases ago. Been having sushi quite a bit since then. Hard thing to do is find a good source of nori (seaweed).