Ok, so the pictures are a year old, but I haven't done a photography post yet. These were all taken before we got the Nikon D80 (which I will post about later). These are taken with a Sony DSC-F828. We got the camera used on craigslist for $650, including some memory, the bag, a macro lens, and a wide angle.
I feel like this camera gets you as close to a DSLR as you can without having the ability to change lenses. the 28-135mm that is built in is pretty nice. It also can take our 2.2x teleconverter, though not without severe vignetting (See example below).

Yes, I do like sun flares. Why do you ask?

These photos are not color corrected.

Overall, we took over 2500 photos over two weeks. We tossed about 20% out of the box due to being blurry, having no interest, or being otherwise BAD. Of the remaining 2000, we deemed 273 to be worth showing off. Full galleries: Picasaweb, or Gallery. Only Gallery has the panoramas.

The D80 with our 70-300mm lens can take the 2.2x teleconvertion lens without vignetting.

I welcome comments on any of my photos. It's a hobby, and I can put a certain image under Creative Commons, but please request first.

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